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The On-Boarding


Step I

Through our customized On-Boarding Assessment we gain an understanding of the developmental needs and desires of our clients.  MSBC recommends having representation from all levels complete the on-boarding assessment.  The assessment is customizeable if you choose to add additional questions.

  • The assessments can be customized if you want to add questions
  • You can have as many people complete the assessment as you would like
  • You receive a customized report with the results from the On-Boarding Assessment

Step II

The "Art of Possibility" session is a 1/2 day review of the report with key leaders and influencers to create the leadership development program. During this session, we will:

  • Review the data report and written feedback
  • Set ground rules to explore what is possible
  • Identify:
  • current culture
  • what we want the culture to be
  • what we need to keep
  • what we need to change
  • where do we need training - list of workshops
  • what assessments should we use - list of assessments
  • what difference will this make
  • how will we know we are making a difference
  • who should participate
  • will the program be mandatory
  • what is the reward at the end
  • how many sessions can you miss and still (graduate)
  • when do we meet
  • do we give the program a name
  • who will participate in coaching - types of coaching
  • what's next
  • what goes to the "parking lot" for later discussion 

Step III

Feedback from the "Art of Possibility" day will be used to create the customized program.

Step IV

We work with you to determine who will receive coaching