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The Leadership Journey
Base Camp

Someone just entering a leadership or management position (a "lead position" or first level supervisor) should be focused on developing this level's competencies as quickly as possible. Leaders learn that being a leader isn't simply about being "the boss", having title or authority. Rather, it's about gaining influence and beginning to understand that everyone is different. Leaders need to begin grasping, valuing and leveraging the inherent differences, strengths, and talents of individuals, ultimately, recognizing how each uniqueness has the opportunity to create to success.


Basic Management

Increase organizational skills, effective time management, productive problem solving, mutually beneficial delegation, and constructive support as well as accountability.

Relationship Management

Trust is the foundation of all successful relationships. Understand how to manage diversity and promote inclusivity. Listen to learn. Practice the platinum rule. Embrace the competencies necessary to build, grow and sustain lasting, trusting relationships.

Customer Focus

Understanding "customers" are both internal and external. Having an understanding of how what "we" do impacts both customers.

Organizational Commitment

How do you steward resources? Understanding that resources are more than just money. Embracing that what every individual does (or does not do) impacts the organization.


Become more confident and composed. Identify, grow and develop your personal, unique leadership style and authentic presence.

“There were things I already knew but this class gave me refreshers on excellent customer service and how emotional intelligence plays an integral and vital part in our daily interactions internally and externally”