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Individual Coaching


Every great leader has a strong network-- colleagues, family members, peers, team members... and a coach. A coach is your sounding board, your challenger, the person to help hold you accountable.

Leaders often find themselves in uncharted territory as they receive a promotion, change roles, move to a new department/organization, acquire a new boss, colleague or team member. This new place can be frustrating and discouraging, especially when they discover the techniques, approaches, and behaviors that have gotten them successfully to where they are now, are no longer as effective and may actually keep them from further achievement.

As a climber in new territory benefits from a map and a guide for direction, the MSBCoach Leadership Maturity Journey provides customized support and structure from experienced coaches. All of our Coaches and Consultants have a minimum of 10 years leadership experience and are certified through an ICF coaching program and our own 3-day immersion and certification program.

Our coaches partner with leaders and their teams to unpack ineffective beliefs, behaviors and/or counterproductive habits that have been acquired over time. Together the goal is to discover new patterns of thinking and behaving to measure success that is needed as they navigate the journey of the upward hike.

We offer the following Coaching Types:

  • Executive
  • Succession
  • New Leadership Position
  • Emerging Executive
  • Millennial 
  • Transitional
  • Performance
  • Mediation

"I deeply appreciated my time with my coach. The coaching has proven to be more valuable than words could ever express. While appearing to be simple, the mere fact of my coach's unique ability to walk me through clearly identifying the situation and defining a solution, has helped me exponentially. Not only has it allowed me clearly prioritize my work load, but also the workload of my senior leadership chain. I am now able to prepare for meetings within minutes as opposed to hours and sometimes not being fully prepared at all! "Stay focused" and "finish what you start", while they seem like simple phrases. . . the execution thereof will yield many benefits! Thank you so much!”-- National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Executive

A few of our clients

MSBCoach was built with a commitment to develop leaders and future leaders. Since 2009, MSBCoach has partnered with individuals and organizations in the Charlottesville, VA area and around the world to provide the highest quality coaching and training.